Easter Peep Eating Competition

In an early effort to drive more traffic from the homepage to our Facebook page; BuzzFeed Editorial hosted a Peep Eating Competition between the world-renowned competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi and BuzzFeed's own overindulgence champion Gavon Laessig.


Takeru kobayashi

A Japanese competitive eater. He holds many records, including eight Guinness Records, for eating hot dogs, meatballs, Twinkies, tacos, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and pasta.


gavon laessig

BuzzFeed Editorial Staffer and hometown over-indulgence hero.

As the Art Director I was responsible for the promo poster, title graphics, thumbnails, photography before and during the event, and animated GIFs for various social channels.

The face-off was filmed and released (pre-Facebook Live LOL) to the BuzzFeed Facebook page and on YouTube through our partner, Record Setter. Did the hometown hero stand a chance against such a seasoned competitive eater? Watch to find out!

Amy Sly