slice magazine

art director

Slice magazine was a project that I worked on with my friends in the evenings and weekends outside of our publishing day jobs. It began as an idea of two talented women, Celia Johnson and Maria Gagliano and has grown into a beautiful publishing community that celebrates voices of all kinds. In each issue the magazine sets a specific cultural theme which becomes the catalyst for articles and interviews from renowned writers and lesser known voices alike. Along with these pieces, Slice publishes fiction and poetry that isn’t bound by the theme—they simply look for works by writers who promise to become tomorrow’s literary legends.


pat perry

The cover art for Issue 10 came from a talented young man and train hopping vagabond named Pat Perry. The intricacy of his line work and the unexpected twist on reality keep me coming back to his images time and again.

We had a budget of $0 for the interior magazine art, which was a creative challenge! I was an avid Tumblr'er at the time and was always saving names and links to artists that I loved. When it came time to fill the first issue with images, I began writing to some of my favorites. I would introduce myself, tell them about our magazine, and tell them what I loved about their work. I would ask for permission to use their image in trade for their name on an acknowledgments page and next to their art, as well as a copy of the magazine. Amazingly, I was never once turned down in all 10 issues I art directed and I even made some friends through the email connections!